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Exercise Lessens the Pain Associated with Arthritis

We have all no doubt heard a joke at some time or another that tells the story of someone seeking help from their doctor. They complain to the MD that it hurts when they jump up and down. The doctor replies, “then don’t jump up and down”. The story has relevance in so far as we typically avoid activity that aggravates a pain we already have. Such is the case with arthritis. Those with the inflammatory condition will avoid exercise in order to lessen the pain that they are already in. However exercise is what arthritis sufferers should be getting more of in order to help alleviate the pain. Continue reading

Being Obese and Metabolically Healthy

For most people, carrying excess weight, especially around the abdomen, is a sign of present or future health problems. However, this is not the case for everyone. For some, being overweight does not carry with it the ordinary risks of high blood pressure or cholesterol. For these people, a relatively new term has entered the medical lexicon: metabolically healthy obesity. Continue reading

Effectiveness of Online Brain Training Games

You have not doubt seen one of the commercials over the last few years for one of the many services that supply users with online games that supposedly exercise the brain. The services typically tout the science of neuroplasticity, the area of research that explores the brain’s ability to increase its memory retention, attention span, creativity, as well as language and thinking skills. Yet just how effective are these games? Do their claims hold any validity? New research suggests that many of the games provide little benefit to their users. Continue reading

High Blood Sugar Now Linked to Dementia

High blood sugar carries with it a  number of health risks, but until now, it was never suspected to affect mental health. New research shows that higher than normal blood sugar can increase you risk of developing dementia, as well as the severity of it. Previously, the only lines drawn connecting blood sugar and cognitive decline were in cases of diabetes and dementia.
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Don’t go Overboard with Extra Protein

With many people choosing to reduce carbohydrates from their diet, a frequent replacement are foods rich in protein. We often hear an emphasis in food marketing about the high protein content in a particular dish, and the public has generally come to accept protein as a good thing that we should be striving to get more of. While protein is a vital nutrient to out diets, there is such a thing as too much, and it can have a harmful effect on our bodies when consumed in excessive amounts.
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