About Us

Health Protocol exist to publish the latest research in human health and make it both more easily understood, as well as more accessible. Our goal is to remove the complicated medical jargon so often accompanying the medical journals, and instead provide clear and concise articles that explain the scientific breakthroughs and how people can incorporate this information into their lifestyles to better their health. When covering any particular topic, we try to present readers with all the information we have available at the time, and allow them to formulate their own views on the possible benefits to their health.

A secondary goal of this website is to promote dialogue and debate on the legitimacy of the research, evidence, and theories presented within. We believe that conflict and debate is beneficial to the medical community because it presents alternative view points and ideas, and in so doing, new methods, new hazards, and new benefits are revealed which otherwise would have remained hidden. We encourage readers to share their views in the comments section at the bottom of most pages. We want to hear opinions from everyone with an on-topic viewpoint, not just from professionals within the medical community.

As it stands now, our primary areas of interest are Nutrition, Fitness, Weight Management and Supplements. However, we believe in a holistic approach to health care and think that a proper route towards its delivery should also encompass the importance of mental well-being and clarity of focus. For that reason, we will soon be adding to our ranks of specialists from within the physical sciences, those with experience in Yoga and Meditation.

The information we present on this site is garnered both from colleagues in our respected fields of specialization, as well as published health journals. While reading our posts, please remember that the research we are republishing are often findings based on the broadest segment of the population, and as such, may not be applicable to each and every individual. We cannot make any personal health recommendations, nor could any health care professional without knowing your full medical history and present condition. Please consult you health care provider prior to incorporating into your life, any of the material on this website. Sometimes, the material presented on this site are only medical theories that have not yet been proven with adequate long term tests.

Comments to our blog are welcome, however all replies must be reviewed by one of our team prior to publishing. Please expect a delay before seeing your comment published on our site. We review all posts in order to filter out those with racially biased comments, blatant advertising, and those which are not relevant to the topic at hand. An email address is required in order to post, however this address will not be published on the website. For information regarding the use of your email and any privacy concerns, please see both out Terms of Use Page and our Privacy Page. Links to each can be found at the bottom of this page.