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Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Food and Effect on Arthritis

Contrary to popular opinion, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is not thought by doctors to be hereditary. Many people who develop RA have no family history of it at all. Instead, researchers believe that certain genes can make people more susceptible to the triggers that cause RA and there is new evidence that the foods you eat can protect you from developing the condition as well as alleviate you symptoms if you already have it. Continue reading

The Causes of Severe Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can wake a person out of bed at night, making for many difficult and sleep deprived days. It is often accompanied by episodes of indigestion, a burning in the throat and esophagus, and for some, chest pains so severe that they are lead to believe that they are having a heart attack. Continue reading

The History of Sugar – Part 2

Millions of slaves were required to work the sugar cane plantations that the colonists built. The conditions were brutal. Whether cutting the cane in the fields, or working the wood fired mills that began the sugar’s extraction process, the life of a slave was short and miserable. They were typically fed salted cod caught off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, and in turn, the fishermen and sailors of the Royal Navy were granted daily rations of rum made from the sugar dregs in the plantation mills. This was all  part of the new global network of trade build on misery and suffering to service the aristocracy back home in Europe.
Continue reading

The History Of Sugar – Part 1

Humans have had a long love affair with sugar. Babies are exposed to it early in life through the sugar in their mother’s milk. It has helped us evolve in harsher environments by providing us with both a quick energy boost, as well as an indication of the freshness of food, when bitter and sour foods were often those which were toxic to us. Sugar is so central to our sense of well being, that the word has become synonymous with all that is good in life – we say things like “she’s so sweet” and we affectionately call our partners “sugar”. Continue reading

Caffeine and a Healthy Diet can Improve your Brain

Most of us can’t do much in the morning until we’ve had our ritual cup of coffee. Recent evidence suggests that the cognitive boost that it provides may actually provide  long term benefits and not just short lived effects. The study, published in the June 2014 Journal of Nutrition also found that having an alcoholic drink each day could also improve mental performance, but that the line between benefits and diminished returns was much harder to establish with certainty and across a broader selection of people. Continue reading