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Coconut Water Weight Loss

Despite the numerous health claims some companies and their proponents have made about the benefits of the compounds found in coconuts, we would like to point out that their is no scientific evidence supporting coconut water weight loss. Continue reading

Juicer Recipes For Weight Loss

So you’re looking for some recipes to use with your juicer. Whether the juicer is a new addition to your kitchen, or you’ve been making your own blends for years, gaining new recipes to add variety to your dietary routine is a good idea to keep things from getting boring and tempting you to succumb to the convenience of the additive filled juices at the supermarket. Ultimately, the recipes you will want will largely be determined by the reason you started juicing to begin with. So before we jump straight to the recipes, lets first review some commonly over looked facts and misconceptions to make sure that you have the right recipe for your needs. Continue reading

How to be Bulimic

We recently had the opportunity to interview a teenage girl (we will name her Katie) who had the condition of bulimia nervosa. We will not mention her real name, or any identifying details of her life, since they are of little relevance in the first place. What we will do is share her story of how her condition developed and how she achieved such a rapid and dangerous degree of weight loss while she researched how to be bulimic. Of particular interest is how she found the information to do what she did, and how she adapted and expanded on it. Continue reading

Best Fruits for Weight Loss

First thing you need to know about which are the best fruits for weight loss is the fact that the juice that you buy in the supermarket is not the same thing as fresh fruit. Those commercially prepared fruit juices are loaded with sugars, both natural and artificial, as well as a host of preservatives and additives. This is by no means to say that you cannot get the benefits of whole fruits in juice form – the trick is to invest in your own juicer and make your own. Continue reading

Hunger Suppressant Pills

We are focusing today’s discussion on the category of weight loss and weight management, specifically, hunger suppressant pills. Such pills, also called appetite suppressants, are known formally in the medical community as anorectics. Some are marketed as such, so you may already have heard of a few that we will be mentioning today. However, there are many prescription drugs available with effective hunger suppressing qualities that the manufactures of which are not allowed to advertise. Continue reading